Release Date : January, 2004 ( Discontinued product )

The PSR-3000 offers the most value for the dollar of any arranger keyboards, with new features previously reserved for the top models like Mega Voice technology, color screen, 3-part vocal harmony, video out and organ flutes that use modeling technology. In addition, SmartMedia capability and USB “TO DEVICE” for connecting hard drives, thumb drives and floppy disk drives finally bring large media storage to this level of product, and broadband for connecting the keyboard directly to the Internet and downloading content – an industry first. And finally, there are still features that even a beginner would appreciate like performance assistant technology for song playback that, when enabled, insures that even a non-player cannot make a mistake. Convenience, quality and expandability – the PSR-3000 has it all.

Features of this keyboard:

1) Mega Voice technology and MEGAEnhancer software

2) Large color screen

3) Microphone input, Vocal Harmony and Video out for real time performance

4) Virtual Drawbars – this is the best stuff ever made by Yamaha, I love it !

5) SmartMedia™ – Huge storage capacity

6) USB connectivity – Unlimited memory for styles, midi, and registrations

Compatibility ( song & style data ):

  • GM2 – General MIDI 2
  • XG – Yamaha Extended Voice Set
  • DOC – Yamaha Disk Orchestra Collection
  • SMF with lyrics – Standard MIDI File
  • KAR – Karaoke Files
  • XF – Songs with lyrics and/or chords
  • SFF – Yamaha Style Files

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